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Jan-Feb 2021

These last two months have been the most productive of mine, for a long long time. I purposefully put myself under pressure with public deadlines to achieve stuff, and it worked! Stressful? Sometimes. Rewarding? Also yes.



This quarter I passed my CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) which I’m really pleased about.

The obvious question being, what next? Well, actually I’ve got a pretty clear idea now of where I want to go next. That’s another post, though.


I ran a webinar in conjunction with TugBoat Logic called “How to Crush your ISO27001 audit in six weeks“. Clickbait? You damn right. We had about 60 people at the talk in the end.

There were some great questions and I had some great engagement from attendees after the talk, too! Slides can be found here. There is a video on it’s way too, which I’ll share when I get it. The video is here!

SOC2 and ISO

We at Cronofy are currently going through the SOC2 process for the second time. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for the team around me, and their professionalism (tl;dr being GOOD) makes the whole SOC2 and audit process earlier.


COVID Vaccination

I had my first COVID vaccination!


I took part in an online drawing class this quarter, also picking up some canvas and oil paints. I’m not the best drawer, but it was a great challenge and really relaxing.

You can sign up to do a lesson with Brixton Life Drawing Big thanks to Graham for suggesting it! ❤️


I also started my food blog/YouTube channel this quarter. I’ve called it Ta Duck!

The videos are really fun to make, and it’s definitely more for me than it anyone else I feel. Still quite self-conscious about the whole process but it’s enjoyable none the less.

You can view the channel and associated Instagram below.



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I’m currently really getting into Assasins Creed Valhalla on Playstation 5. The graphics are 🔥.

Me and my son, have also started collecting classic consoles. We are now the proud owners of a NES, an N64 and a Gameboy. Nintendo FTW!

And I think that’s about it for now! Here’s to 2021 continuing in this vein!