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Delivering ISO27001 — Part 4 of 4 — The Audit

In the last blog post I covered the things you need to spend time on to get yourself into good shape, ahead of your ISO27001 audit. That post was a long boi. This one should take you a little less time to read. 😎 Not read the last post yet? You should do that immediately! […]

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Another bloomin’ opinion on DevOps

About four years ago I first heard the term “DevOps” and, at the time, I had no idea what the goal of “DevOps” was. At the time, to me, it seemed that a lot of talk was about automation and developers not needing to speak to Ops about logging onto production systems. Tools like Puppet […]

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Change management for happier ITSM

Change management for happier ITSM I’ve worked at a few companies throughout my career, from large retail chains, to smaller companies who still have the “start up” mentality. At businesses that operate Waterfall and Agile working methodologies, from businesses who deploy changes daily, to those who deploy monthly (even quarterly). Here are some of my thoughts […]


Follow up: How to measure your services and establish KPIs

Follow up: How to measure your services and establish KPIs In retrospect, covering off metrics, KPIs and SLAs in 500 words (three minute read) is not an easy ask. Some of the feedback I had on my last blog post, was that it’d be good to include some real-world examples of metrics being turned into […]