Hello, I’m Karl 👋

I’m Head of Operations for Cronofy. I’m an experienced Operations, Compliance, and Information Security expert. Throughout my career, I’ve helped companies get organised, and secure, and scale from small startups, to mid-to-large sized businesses. Cool, right?

I’m interested in quality and working with people who frankly, give a shit. I’ve found my success in consistently delivering the things I say that I’m going to deliver, whilst motivating and engaging those around me.

My career in tech started at 14, teaching myself HTML and Visual Basic from a book, as well as taking the family Packard Bell Legend 812CD to pieces and putting it back together again. I’ve always been super outgoing, which meant I excelled when I began my career on Service Desks, working my way up the ranks, collecting Microsoft and Cisco certifications along the way. My interpersonal and technical skills developed in previous roles, are what make me so great at what I do today.

My fam are my jam

Outside of work, I love spending my time with my wife and kids, experiencing new things together, whether that’s traveling or going out to eat together (or playing video games together!). My fam are my jam.