2021 plans

I was going to write a post reflecting on the year 2020, going my various challenges and successes. However, I decided to not do that. Other people have had way worse years than I have, and I feel like a phoney complaining, or talking up a bad year for others. Instead, I’d like to put 2020 in the rearview mirror, and look forward to 2021 with renewed vigour and optimism.


Edit: Turns out, I wrote a lot so for those who just want the headlines without the bumpf, here are my plans for 2021.

  • Professional Goals
    • CISM
    • Additional Development (Professional, Exec)
  • Hobbies
    • YouTube (Starting a channel)
    • Drawing
  • Personal
    • Using time wisely
    • Making 2021 great

Happy to read more? Excellent! 😀

Professional Goals

The quest to feel worthy and/or good enough is never-ending, and the best way I know to achieve this is through personal development. I want to achieve my CISM qualification and also improve, in other ways.

CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)

I wrote last month about my CISM exam and how I was planning to do that in December. I’ve rescheduled this exam to January 30th after a minor crisis of confidence. I’ve now spent a decent amount of time studying and I feel much more confident in facing the exam, now.

This is the only personal certification I’m planning to achieve this coming year.

Additional Development

This year I want to look into some sort of executive training or mentorship. My career aspirations are to lead from a COO/CIO/CISO position, and I think once I’ve achieved the CISM accreditation, the next step is to focus on enhancing my leadership skills and overall professionalism.

Karl – Dec 2021


I’m trying to spend less time thinking about career type things (I really only read self-help and business books for example), and I want to spend more time developing me. Myself.

A New Venture

As many of you already know – food (and eating) is a passion of mine. Bex and I have a database of restaurants we want to eat at, with scores for those we’ve eaten at already. NERDS.

I generally cook at least once a day, seven days a week. I’m good at it and I’d like to share this knowledge with other people. Especially on the topics of, cooking on a budget, for your family, from your veg patch, batch cooking and so on. I’d previously tried blogging about it, but I didn’t enjoy the process.

I’ll be creating YouTube videos of the processes I follow to achieve plates of food (aka Cooking). This will also allow me to pursue my interest in video editing and production, which is a healthy, creative outlet. Ta duck!


Thanks to Bex, I got an Apple Pencil for Christmas! This replaces the knock off Chinese replica I bought for £20 on Amazon and had been using for a year. I’ve spent time over Christmas following Skillshare tutorials, and I’m getting better! Pressure control helps, as does my palm not changing the brush in Procreate every time I draw something.


Social Media

In 2020, I was alarmed at the amount of time I was spending on Instagram and deleted my account. I now have Twitter (which is almost work at this point), LinkedIn (definitely work) and Facebook (to maintain healthy levels of rage at family members). I feel better now, without it. However, balance isn’t quite there yet and is something that I’m going to continue on trying to improve in the coming year.

Family Time

In 2020, the Bagci’s truly scraped the bottom of the barrel labelled “things we can do around the house to keep entertained”. Completing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube? Achievement unlocked. Books? Done. Drawing? Mona Lisa mate.

This year, all being well, my number one priority is to spend more time with the family, outside of the house – going to places and doing things, together. Trying to make 2021 a year full of positive memories.

View from Mam Tor

In summary

I tried not to complain about 2020 too much in this post, but that seems impossible and I’m sorry for that.

There’s lots (hopefully) to look forward to in 2021, and I hope to make next years equivelent post, much more cheery. I look forward to sharing this years progress with you all.

Speak soon,